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My Journey

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Writing is easy.

No really, I always thought that writing is the most difficult thing about being an author! Oh boy, how wrong was I.

Hey, welcome to my world. I’m happy that you found me.

I started writing at an early age as I had always been a keen reader and majority of my schooling had been done from Mills and Boon.

Finding a Mills and Boon hero in real life is, well let’s face it, is next to impossible. So, I started going down the possible route and wrote myself a man. I wrote him without any difficulty but the minute I wrote about him I didn’t know what to do next. If I put all my men together, I will have about ten thousand men. Sorry, I meant I will have about ten thousand *words*. Arrogant, ruthless, playboys in their mansion kind of men!

As I grew up, I thanked Mills and Boon for ruining my dating life because my standards soar and roared. Saying no to tiny boys my age, had become my lifestyle. I wore my no proudly until I stepped into my twenties.

That’s when I started dating and stopped writing! But I never stopped reading Mills and Boon.

When the world stopped in 2020, I picked up my phone, logged onto word and wrote my first line- Chapter 1.

And I cannot tell you, how proud I was of that as I was back doing something that I love.

The writing world had changed. Indie authors, KDP and Wattpad was the new thing. No, I’m aware it had changed a long time back, but for me I got introduced to this world in 2020.

I wrote the first thirty chapters on my phone because my old laptop had conked off and during the lockdown everything was shut! But I didn’t let that deter me. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote until my thumbs went numb. (Has anyone written thirty thousand words on a phone? And, no, WhatsApp does not count!)

Thankfully the market’s opened and I got myself a shiny, new laptop for the author in me who was just desperate to be read. Unfortunately, the laptop didn’t work it’s magic and I kind of lost interest in writing.

Please note, my first thirty chapters were on Wattpad and at that time my book was titled--Not just a Billionaire. Yes, I took the billionaire addiction a bit too far.

A few months passed by and my laptop was busy gathering dust.

My mother (thank you mom for you have not only birthed me, but you are also my motivator and it’s possible you might just be the mother of a bestseller author *manifested*) she always believed I could write and asked me about my story. I told her mom; “my debut Bollywood movie is going to release and I don’t have time to write anymore!” She took one look at me, at two in the afternoon in my PJ’S and gave me the ‘I’m so disappointed’ in you look.

That look! OH MY GOD, has anyone gotten that look before? I mean, you would think I would be used to it by now, but no, no one prepares you for that rock bottom, I’m disappointed in you look! Anyway, that look got me searching for my phone and I logged onto Wattpad.

This was my turning point.

Because you see, when I opened my book, I had so many views and comments asking me when WILL I FINISH IT? When will I upload my next chapter?? Hell, it had been months since I had uploaded a new chapter and my book was still gaining eyeballs.

People were intrigued and they wanted to know more.

This got me so excited that I did the next best thing any wannabe writer would do. I quickly deleted my book from Wattpad!

No ...wait...not for the reasons you think. I deleted the book because I didn’t want anyone using my story line. I deleted my book because I wanted to finish it, then copyright it and push it to the publishers.

A few months passed by, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote until I hit THE END.

See told you, writing was the easy part!


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Funny. A good read!

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