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For my Dad...

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

A hot mess #af  | Roaleey Ryan

A Hot Mess #af is releasing on 27th September 2022.

OH boy, so it’s finally happening…I’m all nerves. Which is so funny because I have had my movie released and very recently my web series but I have never been nervous. The fact that my book is releasing it’s just turning me into a ball of stress.

Even though this book is a work of my over active imagination and not related to my life at all it’s just the knowledge that every thought, every plot and every single word written is mine. There is just so much of mine involved that it’s making me crazy and excited at the same time.

A Hot Mess #af has seen its fair share of happiness and heartbreaks. The journey of writing and editing has been amazing because my dad Col Yash Ryan was with me every step of the way. He edited my book with me daily for two months and I was ready to release this book in April itself but unfortunately my dad suddenly fell ill and after battling for his life in the ICU for twelve days he left us on 1st June 2022.

I was shattered. Couldn't function and the only thing I couldn't even think of doing was re-reading A Hot Mess #af. Every time I would try, I would break down.

You see, I had so many memories attached that I would remember every dialogue my dad would say when he would read my chapters.

He used to make so much fun of Damian Dupot because I would gush on about how handsome he was with his perfect chest and chiselled face that my dad would groan and say something silly like how can his jaw cut concrete? (My dad didn't understand this because he never read romance novels.)

He used to laugh at my written conversations and always say friendship is the most important thing because of what Sury Glasby shared with Amber and Jack Spa.

He would cringe at places where my grammar just didn't make any sense and give me a loving whack at being so 'unread'.

And I would always point out that, "Dad, I have written 1 lac words so get over a few grammatical errors because that's why I have you".

And he would always say, "What would you do without me?"

(Notes my dad used to leave me)

Well unfortunately, I found out the answer to his question a few weeks later and with so many memories attached I closed down A Hot Mess #af because I didn't know when would I be emotionally capable enough to release this book of ours.

But then one day it was like my dad reached out to me and gave me the much-needed strength to start fresh with this book. I slowly started reading, I also added two new chapters (if you find editing mistakes you know why :p) and I picked out the release date: 27th September 2022

More than anything, I'm doing this for my dad. This book is dedicated to him and so is my life because I would never have been a writer if twenty years ago my dad wouldn't have forcefully pushed The Famous Five in my 'I hate reading' hands.

Love you, forever and always❤️


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Sep 09, 2022

Beautifully said and written. Your words hit me strong ❤️


Naureen Arshad
Naureen Arshad
Sep 06, 2022

writing is not easy task to are such an talented person.your father must be proud of you.your parents are so much lucky to have a daughter like are such an excellent person writer actress.🙂very excellent writing skills and english is awsom 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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